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USA Safety and Training was created by individuals who are driven and motivated to change the culture 

of organizations through our “Freedom to Live” mindsets. We have a highly skilled staff with 

unparalleled experience in business and safety management. USA Safety and Training continues to 

learn and adapt to the ever changing world of industry and the standards that are associated with it. We 

are founded on our core principles of “Freedom to Live”.


USA Safety and Training’s key focus is to engrain a safety mindset to all employees in the workplace. 

We will do this through extensive training to better understand and recognizing the hazards associated 

with a task. USA Safety and Training understand the importance of properly training each and every 

employee to recognize and mitigate any hazard on or off the job. We have a highly skilled staff and 

consultants who strive for safety excellence 24/7. USA Safety and Training is dedicated and devoted to 

meeting our client’s needs through positive attitudes and hard work.


The vision of USA is to utilize our innovative resources and leadership to protect the people, property, and environment involving all aspects of everyday life and workplace. No employee should be subjected to a workplace environment that’s unsafe for any reason. Our vision is to touch our students and clients in an impactful way that creates positive safe energy and understanding with our “Freedom to Live” values.

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