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USA Safety and Training is proud to offer a Defensive Driving Course to you as an individual or large organizations. Driving is a privilege that comes with a shared responsibility of safety from everyone. USA Safety and Training can educate and train on the importance of Defensive Driving and make students aware of the hazards, distractions, laws and regulations associated with getting in or behind the wheel 

of a vehicle.

  • Individual

  • Beginner

  • Youths

  • Small Company

  • Professionals

  • Large Corporations

  • Parents

We offer the latest edition of the National Safety Councils (NSC) 8/6 and Arrive Alive DDC which will 

benefit participants in a variety of ways….

  • Looking to lower your insurance premium rates?

  • Reduce motor vehicle incident rates?

  • Control liability cost associated with work-related vehicle crashes?

  • Reduce points on your driving record?

  • Decrease workers’ compensation claims?

  • Protect your company’s assets and employees while on the roadways?

Let USA Safety and Training allow you the “Freedom to Live” while on the country’s roadways!!


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