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Achieving and maintaining high safety performance not only promotes the health and safety of personnel, but also positively impacts the organization's reputation. A key aspect of establishing and maintaining a highly elevated safety program is having an experienced and knowledgeable safety staff whose priorities and objectives are aligned with your organizational focus.


The foundation of a successful safety program is compliance with OSHA and DOT laws and standards,but that’s only one part of a much larger scale. USA Safety and Training’s approach to safety management is to stress the importance of creating a positive profitable safety culture at your workplace. Instilling a safety mindset with all employees of an organization is key to having a positive work environment with a “Freedom to Live” attitude. USA Safety and Training strongly believes that the employees are the most important asset to an organizations workplace safety and health. Preservation of workplace safety must remain a constant consideration in every phase of business. USA Safety and Training will help the employer provide the resources necessary to manage, control, and eliminate all occupational safety and health hazards, while still driving our focus on engraining the “Freedom to Live” mindset of the employees.

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